Move Forward Through Fear

The only way to become fearless is to do it with the fear from the very beginning. No one is fearless at first. People aren’t born fearless, they become fearless. It’s how you respond to fear that makes you fearless!

Change Your Perspective of Fear

Fear is not a bad thing. Change your perspective of fear. Sometimes fear means you are going in the right direction. Other times it prepares you for what you are about to face. Bring your fear with you, show it that you can handle it. Show yourself that the situation isn’t as scary as you think it is!

Choose Learning Over Fear

Fear is going to be there. We need to choose to do the scary thing anyway and learn from it. When I first went mountain biking I was nervous, scared, and excited. My fear was bigger than my excitement. I was able to continue despite the fear. I chose to focus on learning to mountain bike. Of course I fell, but each fall led me to learn more. If you choose learning over fear you will always win. You win because you learn something new.

Choose to learn even when you are scared. Focusing on learning will help you understand the fear and move forward anyway. What are you willing to learn?

Find Your Support

Do you have someone who can help you face your fears? If you don’t, go find someone. Find someone who will push you towards those fears and support you through them. It can be a spouse, partner, friend, mental performance trainer, sibling, child, therapist, parent, or coach. Facing your fears is tough. So why do it alone? Who is your person you go to for support?