Make It Easy To Start

Once you’ve started, it makes it easier to finish the task. It’s the starting that’s the hard part. Make it so easy you can’t say no to it. You won’t need motivation to do these actions because they are so easy. My client routine starts by sitting down at my desk. My workout routine starts by putting my gym clothes on. My writing routine starts with turning on some music. My hiking routine starts with texting friends. How do you make it easy to start?

Use Simple Actions To Build Momentum

Start with simple action. Start by putting on a piece of clothing. Start with a glass of water. Start by pulling out the materials you will be using. Get out of bed. Put your shoes on. Turn on some music. Open the dishwasher. Lay your clean clothes on the bed. Set your alarm across the room. Lay your clothes out for the morning. Write one sentence. Pull the chicken out of the freezer. Just start. Start with one simple action and then another. Once you’ve started, notice the momentum that you have created.

Motivation Is Not Required

A good performance routine starts by being so simple that it’s hard to say no to. My workout routine start with me putting on my workout clothes. My morning routine starts with an easy breakfast. I turn on music to start my work routine. Keep your routines so simple that it’s hard to not do them. This will help you stay consistent when there is a lack of motivation.

Invite Motivation By Starting

Don’t expect motivation to always be there at the beginning. One big myth about motivation is that you have to have it before you can start. You don’t! You can start now, you can start without it. Motivation is a feeling that comes and goes.

*Most of the time motivation comes from the result of action, it’s not always the cause of it!*