Who am I and what do I do?

Hey, I’m Coryne. I grew up playing sports and really enjoying the study of psychology. I decided to combine my two loves and received my Masters degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology from the University of Utah. I have been a Mental Performance Trainer now for ~5 years. I help individuals and groups improve their performance by focusing on their mental fitness. I coach them through overcoming their mental barriers. These mental barriers include burnout, negative self-talk, poor concentration and focus, low self-confidence, the fear of failure or success, overthinking, a fixed mindset, failing under pressure, fear of injury, emotional barriers, poor communication, and more. I have had the opportunity to improve the performance of many individuals and groups both in athletics and in other areas such as business, acting, career advancement, interviewing, and artistic blocks.

What are the skills I teach?

I train individuals and groups to implement and practice mental skills to enhance their performance. Each client is taught skills tailored to their individual needs. Some of the skills that I teach include relaxation, self-talk, visualization, pre-performance routines, growth mindset, emotion regulation, mindfulness, team cohesion, goal setting, concentration and focus, and self-compassion.

Who can I help?

Everyone performs – Life is a series of performances. I can help athletes, injured individuals, parents, musicians, actors/actresses, students, individuals dealing with pressure, those struggling with burn out, teams struggling with cohesion and more. I also help people who want to improve their physical bodies, businesses, test taking abilities, and more. If you are wondering if I can help, send me a message. We’ll get together for a free session to see if we can elevate your performance!

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